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If you want a unique gift for someone, you have come to the right place.  I, Louise Quigley, have been writing poems for many years and get a lot of enjoyment from doing so.  It is a beautiful way of expressing thoughts and feelings to show someone how much they mean to you. All poems are original one-off pieces, written to your personal specifications, using the information that you provide.

Having difficulty finding a gift for a relation or loved one? Are you looking for something special for your best friend’s engagement?  Simply fill in the required information on the 'Buy a Poem' tab and leave the rest to me.

I have had an overwhelming positive response from people both old and young who have received one of my Personalised Poems, so why not be the one who puts a smile on someone’s face?

“My wife was delighted with your wonderful poem for our anniversary.  I can't thank you enough.”

  • John, Co. Waterford

“I was having difficulties finding a gift to express my gratitude to a true friend who had gone out of her way to help me through a troublesome time.  Your poem turned out to be the perfect solution.”

  • Lorraine, London, England

Example: Child leaving playschool

Lucky you, as your playschool year begins,

It’ll be a year full of laughter, fun and grins.

I’ve had the best time ever and I’m sad to leave

The teachers are so kind, you wouldn’t believe.

There are dressup games and outdoor play

You may also get to plant a seed into clay.

And if it rains, you go to the cinema upstairs,

Sit back and relax, so it’s raining, who cares?

You can build blocks away up high

They may fall down but don’t you sigh.

Someone will always be there for you

To make you smile if you’re feeling blue.

To Valerie, Liz, Helen and Lorraine,

I’ve a feeling big school just won’t be the same.

Thank you for everything, it was just so great

I’ll always wave over to you, through the gate.



Example: Friend opening a new business

Good luck Kathleen, I just want to say,

Every success in your business day after day.

I have no doubt that you’ll do great,

There’s no photographer I could more highly rate.

You took photos of my children and I together,

Everyone loves them, I will treasure them forever.

You have a wonderful gift and put people at ease,

So a smile comes natural, no need for “cheese”.

Your photography course has taught me so much,

There were buttons on my camera I was afraid to touch.

But now I’m out and snapping away,

My photos are so much better I have to say.

Now that you’re in your new premises and word gets around,

You’ll be so busy, your feet won’t touch the ground.

When your clients see the beautiful photos you can take,

They’ll see that your photography is the icing on the cake.


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